We all love our pets and recognize that accidents do happen, but why do they always seem to happen on our best rugs?  Many commercial carpet cleaners will attempt to remove the stain, but they can’t remove the odor that will bring the pets back to the same rug time and time again unless they are using specialized enzymes that remove all traces.

At Naples Rug Spa, we use the most effective botanical-based urine removal solution on the market – a totally natural and non-toxic product that puts a very powerful and concentrated form of our colloidal micelle technology to work on this problem. Our products break down urine molecules and enabling them to be completely flushed out without any residue.  Many of our customers tell us that their pets never return to the carpet after it has been treated with our special enzymes!

We are proud to say that we are Totally Green: non-toxic to humans, animals, or plant life!  Our solutions are made from extracts of corn, grain, soybeans, potatoes, coconut and palm, all on the list of FDA, approved GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) products. We only use the most effective, non-toxic cleaning solutions in the business. This proprietary line of product is the result of years of development have the capability to break down organic molecules and hydrocarbons. This results in dissolving rug contaminates like urine, wine, grease, dirt and oil. We also have unique cleaning methods to avoid any dye bleeding and if needed, can hand paint any rug back to original condition.

Watch this video to learn how we do it!

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